🤖Rabbot Labs

Discord Utility Suite & User Dashboard

1. The Rabbot

Rabbot is a Discord tool suite tailored for new or developed projects discord servers (B2B). It provides efficient and more convenient methods to manage discord operations. Rabbot can be best described as the next generation of tools and a must have kit for all NFT projects. Exclusively built by Flippin' Rabbits team, we have the resources and the capability to provide constant dev-support and customizations as per project.

Read our full list of utilities: Rabbot Documentation

🏆 Utilities:

  • Interactive giveaway bot (e.g. through reactions + voice channel participation)

  • 24/7 music bot in voice channel

  • Whitelist management (e.g. auto assigning WL roles via command & whitelisting system)

  • Wallet submissions (e.g. bot detection and confirmation for Solana wallets submission only, including commands to check wallets/access to database through commands)

  • Moderation (e.g. auto deletion, bot checking gateway)

  • Ticketing system (more streamlined ticketing system made easier onboarding of Whitelisting)

  • Discord games (reaction-based games)

  • Alpha tools (e.g. daily mint calendar with searchable mints, alpha calls and sentiment tracker)

2. Flippin' Dash (Coming Soon...)

Alpha is ever prominent in this space with new projects minting daily, NFTs in multiple wallets, numerous discord pings... The Flippin' Dash keeps it simple and keeps it fresh. A visual representation of the most important information, consolidated and arranged on a single screen. Just Flippin' it, became a whole lot easier.

  • Manage staked NFTs

  • View Profit & Loss of NFT portfolio

  • Manage subscriptions

  • View alpha calls and other sentiment driven data

  • Discord data centralized on the dashboard

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