Branding Initiatives

The Flippin' Rabbit Brand

1. Rabbit Show

An interactive platform to communicate about our vision, values and ideals. Stay tuned for our episodes, which will feature key guests such as influencers, alpha experts, project founders and many more known individuals within this space. Follow us on Youtube!

  • Alpha - meet alpha callers and learn more about flipping NFTs

  • Gaming - bridging the gap between the gaming and the web3.0 ecosystem

  • Spaces - listen in on upcoming projects and influencers within the NFT space

  • Education - Learn more fundamentals on trading, web3.0 development and other interesting educational topics

  • Branding - Our interactive branding content

2. Rabbit Radio

The Rabbit Radio is collaborating with professional artists to showcase their tunes and talents. Join our voice chat, our server is Groovin' 24/7 to awesome retro beats.

  • Live DJ shows on Discord

  • Music lounge in our metaverse integrations

3. Flippin' Coffee

The NFT grind is grueling and demanding. We all need a good cup of coffee. Our partnerships with F&B companies will allow us to brew that excellent drink to kick start your day into Flippin NFTs.

  • Flippin' Rabbit branded coffee

4. Flippin' Merch

As much as NFTs are digital we look to bridge that gap with our partnership with a developed toymaker & studio. Expect the Flippin' Rabbits joining you in the real world.

  • Flippin' Rabbit Toys/figurines

  • Apparel

  • Phone accessories (cases, etc.)

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