🐰Flippin' Rabbits

Our Vision

Our Pillars

Flippin' Rabbits, where Branding & Building is One. Our main pillars include:

⚙️ Utilities and Gamification

🍀 Brand

🏅 Real World Value Initiatives

🐰 Community

🖼️ Art

We envision to create an educated community with a JustFlipIt attitude through:

  • Delivering innovation through our interactive Gachapon application. Where holders can spin to receive awesome prizes.

  • Ensuring sustainability by retailing our Rabbot (Discord utility bot suite) to projects (B2B);

  • Establishing strong partnerships inline with our vision and goals;

  • Creating a strong branding presence with real world value initiatives, which include our merchandise and coffee products;

  • Growing our community by providing interactive a) Gaming streams b) NFT/Crypto educational content c) Promoting music artists d) Providing strong alpha tools, advice and content; and

  • Our pre-mint & post-mint engagement strategy is supported by our organic community where we value quality over quantity, we have taken action to reduce our engagement farming and paid promotion on Twitter, instead encouraging more unique individual marketing from our community. Furthermore the team has continually removed bots from all our socials.

A Community that Unites is a Brand that Matters. #JustFlipIt #WAGFI

Road to Sustainability

🎲 Gamification of our Gachapon. We will look to provide more dynamic interactions such as non-holder spins for SOL, buy reward passes for extra prizes and game items such as level up carrots, and much more.

🤖 Rabbot is our discord bot subscription for NFT projects (B2B). We have a simple solution at competitive monthly pricing. Our bot is specifically targeted for NFT projects and covers pre-mint & post-mint operations & alpha. We additionally offer a customized solution.

🏆 Real World Value, our core team are business leaders in Food & Beverage and Toy Manufacturing. We will look to collaborate in these respective fields and increase our branding presence outside of the Solana ecosystem. We envision to sell tangible products, which include coffee, apparel, toys and more.

📺 Media Monetization, Our talented streamer and Community Manager is heading our content creation, media and YouTube Channel. We will look to promote crypto education, game streaming, ecosystem related shows including alpha and lastly promoting music artists.

💰 Royalties are invested back into our project through 2 mechanisms. 1) paying for re-occurring expenses such as staff payments and other operational bills 2) Our selected sweeping algorithm to provide a targeted method to sustain FP.

Holder Value

💎 Free Spins, ALL holders are entitled to one free spin every single day for a chance to win NFTs, digital goods, SPL tokens, custom GFX and more! PLAY NOW!

💸 Weekly Revenue Share Most Recent WEEKLY Rev Share: Skelly Rabbits received 1.052632 SOL Rabbot received 0.131147541 SOL LVL7+ Rabbits received 0.10083 SOL

🎊 Gach-IT (Pay2Spin) Discount, receive a 11% discount on our Gach-IT (Pay2Spin)! PLAY NOW!

🎟️ Raffles, enter raffles using our gamified tokens won from the Free Rabbit Spin Gachapon 🍀 ENTER NOW!

🤍 Whitelist Hub, claim WL spots for hyped projects in our Flippin' Hub. CLAIM NOW!

🔥 Burn EXP Mechanism, EXP will increase in monetary benefits, coming soon...

🆙 Levelling System, each spin on our Gachapon will provide your Rabbit NFT with EXP, accumulate EXP to level up and unlock prize tiers. The higher the level, the more prestigious the winnable prizes will be. A Rabbit NFT that has a chance to win a DeGod, how much is that worth? The levels will be updated in the metadata of the Rabbit NFTs, viewable in the marketplace.

🐇 Multiple Rabbits, our win rate algorithm incorporates a # of spins multiplier per wallet. If you hold multiple Rabbits and spin more than once, your chances to win are increased.

Special Traits, Skeleton trait Rabbits are our rarest trait with only 38 in the collection expect additional daily spins and future revenue share of our Gachapon. Rabbot trait Rabbits are our second rarest trait with only 64 in the collection. They will receive the future rev share of our Rabbot services.

🎯 DAO & Alpha, access to our alpha callers, wallet trackers, daily mint bot, whitelist distribution and events/giveaways.

🎁 Airdrops, receive special airdrops of Gachapon items, NFTs & physical goods, as well as having access to our discounted shop for coffee and merchandise. Future collection benefits included.


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