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Our Core Team

Tainaker - Artist & Brand Director

Tainaker is a prolific artist with more than 15 years of experience in 2D/3D, After Effects, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. He has a Masters in Art Direction and has done work for multiple prolific brands including Samsung, United Nations, Red Cross, Naturgy and many more. He is a Panamanian living in Spain. He enjoys drawing, listening to music and most importantly eating pizza.
He has sold his artwork through Holaplex auctions and has created for and collaborated with NFT projects including Zankoku, Doggos, Unchained & FFF, as well as selling a 1/1 piece to the Chimpion treasury.

Raffa - Head Developer

Raffa is a software engineer with over 17 years of experience in WEB2.0 development and an extreme enthusiast for interactivity who has been applying his expertise to the WEB3.0 to build a better ecosystem for all of us. He’s an Award-winning professional for consecutive years developing projects from static experiences to metaverse platforms.
Graduated in Hypermedia Communications and a lover of technology and research, he finds the crypto space an exciting place to learn and explore new opportunities.. The most interesting thing about NFT space in his opinion is what communities can build together, and how artists express their identity in a unique way.
Raffa is well-versed in creating Discord bots and has experience in coding minting sites and other WEB3.0 development work. On Flippin' Rabbits, Raffa is creating a discord bot that bridges WEB2.0 and Web3.0, targeting functionalities and gamification.

Melihcarter - Operations Manager

Melih has been working in the IT field for the last 8 years, having worked at Com2uS, LG, Hyperconnect and Riley Cillian. He has held roles as a community manager, customer service manager, business development manager and product manager throughout his IT career, often leading teams of 4-5 people to successful outcomes. Before his IT career, Melih was a Spanish teacher at a private school in Turkey.
Melih moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2014, where he lived until last June. He was accepted for a position at LG R&D department to work on their Turkish language database for their smart TVs and smartphones. After his project ended with LG, he started working at Com2uS, one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in South Korea. he was in charge of all their operations in Turkey and Middle East region. After leaving Com2us Mellih started working at a startup called Hyperconnect (now acquired by Tinder) as Operation Lead position where he managed a team of 5 members in the company. Lastly he joined Riley Cillian, which also develops mobile applications and now currently focuses on NFTs as a full time job.
Melih started investing into Solana's rapidly growing ecosystem and received mod positions in Cool Baby Kaijus and United Ape Nation projects. He was later part of the head team for Doggos NFTs and a community manager for Sugar Realms.