Our Community and Ecosystem Initiatives

1. Community

An exclusive gated discord community.

  • We promote interactions and creating everlasting friendships.

  • We support education for a more knowledgeable FlipIt community.

  • We strive for simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

A community that unites is a brand that matters. #JustFlipIt

2. Flippin' Fund

Sustainability and support is our priority within this ecosystem. Our carefully curated portfolio of blue-chip-status, ROI projects and exceptional art-pieces, managed by our expert individuals look to support other projects with our same vision, bettering the Solana ecosystem, while providing us with returns.

Our qualified team will also provide marketing, development and monetary support to selected pre-sale projects.

Solana NFT portfolio:

We classify our holding within 3 main categories:

  1. Market Capitalization - size of the collection (FP * Supply)

  2. Sector - specialization or genre of the project

  3. Holding Period - duration of holding the NFT

Market Capitalization:

  • 45% Large-Cap Established projects high in value (Blue-chips)

  • 30% Mid-Cap Medium sized projects

  • 25% Low-Cap Pre-sale projects, minting NFTs and risker NFT projects with higher growth prospects


  • 65% Utility Projects that provide utility within the Solana ecosystem

  • 25% Gamification Projects involved in metaverses or providing a web3.0 game

  • 10% Art Art pieces from auctions, 1/1s and other art-based projects

Holding Period:

  • Long-term (+1 month)

  • Mid-term (+1 week)

  • Short-term (+1 day)

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